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Hewhub Creative Studio

We are an integrated Digital Design Studio that likes to work closely with our clients to define, design and develop their ideas. We create bespoke solutions from process automation and software integration through to web design, branding and storytelling.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like
design is how it works”

If we're not creating well-crafted responsive websites, mock-ups or landing pages we'll be strategically blending our experience into some middleware integration piece to maximise the client's workflow processes

Let's hook it up

“Already have a super piece of software but wish it could talk to something else?
We can create the link to make this happen”

Why we're different

We don't believe in impossibilities, to date have not been asked or indeed asked ourselves to deliver anything we couldn't and yes, you can take that as a challenge.

Whilst we are open to look at all works both large and small, we are happy to support a fewer number of clients thus ensuring a quality product and service is maintained throughout the development process.

“We keep things simple and effective and come up with solutions, not problems.”


We help our clients to realise their ideas. We understand that in this fast paced, ever changing technological age, its hard to keep up with innovation and is therefore easy to fall behind your competitors.

Design & Development

From the outset, we take the time to listen and understand your needs, working with you to deliver outstanding results.

UX UI Design

UX and UI complement each other and in today’s competitive market, getting both aspects right is an absolute must.


Automation helps to streamline processes and with less human intervention (eg. ‘human error’) accuracy is increased.


Working with your vision for the product, we fully explore the idea and attempt to define a future direction including creative thinking around further functionality or features.

Artwork Studio

Whether you have an initial concept or a fully established design our in house design studio possess both the experience and design flair to give your products the visual impact they require.

Data Analysis

We help clients to transform their business by designing and creating databases to meet their needs or supporting and improving their existing systems.

Process Analysis

We help clients to gain control, reduce costs and maximise the full potential of their workflow by optimising and integrating the process barriers.

Service & Support Analysis

Our services are aimed at ensuring that your solutions are highly available, reliable and stay relevant to your current business needs.

Let's make it real

“So you’ve had a great software idea but need help to make it a reality?
Let us design and create it for you.”

Our Clients

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Cotford St.Luke, Taunton
Somerset, United Kingdom

07800 878 625

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