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Value Engineering


Sometimes things just snap together and you build on it, whereas othertimes you have to make it fit.


Innovation starts with questioning the status quo. How can I simplify my process? Improve productivity? Reach new end points? We embrace out of the box thinking and work both intelligently and efficiently. Innovation requires audacity. We strive to serve the customer on a higher level than ever before.


The internet has made people accustomed to doing everything online, having everything available immediately, day and night, regardless. There are no exceptions. Yet how you interact with customers is paramount. Offering a customer portal allows them to view, update, and approve their projects from all mobile devices, providing customers with a rich experience that generates loyalty and revenue.


Optimization results in higher profitability, greater efficiency, and less waste. It is the driving force behind your entire operation. We embrace every aspect of the production process, from customer collaboration, through prepress workflows, all the way to the finished product. Reducing the complexity of workflows and automating time-consuming tasks is what I continuously strive for.


Engineered by investment and innovation, we developed a semi-automated cutting edge web-to-print environment supporting a £15m inhouse print division.


Serves as the primary workflow to the prepress production operation. We configured it to enable unparalleled automation with a secured quality control. Having leveraged the business system capabilities and successfully integrating it into the Management Information System it became a highly scalable process.

As a direct result, efficiency increased throughout saving both time and money. It is, by all standards, an exceptional answer to the daily challenges of increasing quality, reducing errors and driving cost out of the process.


Directed from the Client UI panel, this one intelligent workflow drives output consistently to specified end points with minimal intervention, less confusion and maximum value engineering to other systems. This one workflow is a neutral 24/7 worker that has processed hundreds of thousands of files with a 99% success rate.


Harnessing the power to drill deep into the file (via XMP, XPath or cross querying various databases to integrate or create details) we were able to further enhance the workflow to deliver an efficient, logical route to production from indirect entry points.


The WIP-ARC service integrates the main Management Information System and the working environment and uses this data feed to both find and cleanse completed work as well as archiving it to the vault. Overnight, this automated a lenghty manual process.